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Phone Sex is just a different way for men to masturbate. You can lay back and close your eyes to escape into a sensual voice that can lead you to your ultimate fantasy land. Phone Sex is an interactive sport. The more you participate, the more you get out of it. Your phone sex session is your time. You and your Lusty Lady are free to choose the topics that you enjoy talking about the most. All conversations with Lusty Voice Ladies are respected, handled with care, and are completely private. There are no connection charges, tricks, gimmicks, marketing ploys, or false promises. Billing is handled professionally and ethically. Spend much or as little as you'd like.

Hello! Welcome to You can set up your account in 2 different ways: by phone or online. Both are simple. Calls are $2.00 per min with a 5 minute minimum. We accept all major credit cards but we do not anonymously permit prepaid cards.

To Pay By Phone

Find the girl you like and remember her extension. (Click Here)

Call 1-888-607-9968

Enter the gals' extension number and move on to entering your credit card info

Your card is not authorized until the Agent accepts your call.

To Pay Online

You simply register your account. It's simple and painless.

Fill out the form completely.

Deposit funds into your account and you are ready to call.

*Paying Online has more advantages! You can pay $100 or more and then use it for multiple calls however you wish to break them up. You NEVER lose your funds in your account.

*Please note we do not accept "anonymous" prepaid credit cards. A refillable card should work as long as you have an address associated with it.

*Please note: There are no refunds.