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First Time Callers: 4 Free Minutes then is $1.11 flat rate for 11 minutes then the cost is $1.88 per minute.
Regular Pricing: $30.00 flat rate for 44 minutes then the cost is $1.88 per minute.

Total Readings 14,500

Psychic reading is the process of receiving and interpreting extra-sensory information about your past, present and future i use extra-sensory perception (ESP), also known as the clair senses or the psychic senses,to receive information, which i then interprets in order to offer spiritual guidance advice and predictions for the future The aim is to help you make better choices and decisions, improve your quality of life, increase your happiness and fulfillment, ensure your spiritual growth, and also to avoid unnecessary negative events and outcomes in the future. A genuine psychic reading will always aim to inspire enlighten and uplift Psychic readings provide healing releases the past and promotes self empowerment and spiritual expansion You are the master of your own destiny and the designer of your life experience. A psychic reading with me will aim to empower you to change your life and future for the better, fulfill your destiny and inspire spiritual growth

Love and light i have studied with many shamans in Asia and also in India iam , a natural born psychic spiritualists medium Clairevoyant iam a master of chakra balancing a teacher of meditation iam a energy reader i will answer all questions and give you advice on all matters

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Past present future Reading energy Reader Crystal ball reading tarot card reading chakra balancing Spiritual reading Energy balancing Hands on healing Ancient ruins Mind body and spiritual healing

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First Time Callers: 3 Free Minutes then the cost is $2.99 per minute.
Regular Pricing: $15.00 flat rate for 15 minutes then the cost is $2.99 per minute.

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Susie vo
December 26, 2022

Truly impressive! first card reading and I still cannot believe how spot on my reading was in relation to my life right now. I 100% recommend I had an angel reading done by Athena I entered the session mildly apprehensive , but also very hopeful. I was able to ask the questions that had been weighing on my mind, and curiosity demanded I put them forth. Let me tell you, I left our session with more confidence, clarity, excitement and happiness then I had when I walked in. Most importantly, my questions were answered. I walked out with a heart far lighter then I had when I entered. It was an adventure that left me feeling refreshed and recharged

Honey Hollywood
December 26, 2022

I've been wanting to get a reading for years but never had the courage to do so! I am so glad my energy was randomly lead to this place and I took the chance! I am BLOWN away! My tarot reading was so intense, enlightening, mind blowing and BEYOND accurate! I am definitely coming back in the future and will be recommending to everyone I know! Athena is incredible and has a true, beautiful and insightful gift!

Carmella R
December 26, 2022

This reading was incredibly impactful. I've never had Tarot done before, but Athena was extremely insightful, and gave me answers to some questions I've been pondering for some time. She said a lot of things that were completely spot on with my life and where I am at. I would recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual clarity!

Annabella H
December 26, 2022

Absolutely recommend seeing her

Lorraine J
December 26, 2022

She is the real deal. She couldn't of possibly known those things if she wasn't. She knew nothing about me but by the reading it's like she was in my head and has known me for awhile. She told me I was a healer and it was something I wondered about myself. Now I know it's what I want to pursue in life. It's what brings me join. If you are struggling to find yourself, need confirmation, reassurance, answers I'd highly recommend Athena

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