Seemi Henna N Tarot

Ext. 19669


Self-awesomeness experience that you never had!

Witch of the Woods

Ext. 11110


Tarot/psychic reader, magical/spiritual mentor

Ember Glow

Ext. 36237


Intuitive Tarot Cards and Tea Leaves


Ext. 13131


Tarot reader

Lady V

Ext. 55555


Uses Tarot to assist in your spiritual growth


Ext. 15677


20 yrs exp, former social worker, trusted advisor

Reverend Roy

Ext. 33333


Intuitive Tarot Readings & Spiritual Advisor

Magi Shalom

Ext. 33377


Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Reader


Ext. 35014


Intuitive Divination..Occult Practitioner

Artful Conjure

Ext. 62465


Natural Psychic/Personally Detailed Readings

Paul McCoy

Ext. 75855


Tarot wisdom readings

Papa Gee

Ext. 77777


Down to earth Tarot reader. Doesn't mince words.

Melina Laveau

Ext. 78277


Psychic Medium Clairvoyant/Tarot Reader/Rootworker

Hoodoo Belle

Ext. 79711


Tarot Readings & Spiritual Advice

Marita Mystique

Ext. 88844


Psychic Mediumship Readings

Lindsay Grey

Ext. 88888


Seer, Witch, and Occultist. Intuitive guidance

Rebekah Stephens

Ext. 99471


Tarot & Oracle Reader, Mind Blind Meditation Coach

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