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Witch of the Woods Ext. 11110

Regular Pricing: $3.49 per minute.

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Tarot/psychic reader, magical/spiritual mentor

Tarot, oracle, charm, & rune reader, magical/spiritual consultant & mentor, witchy woman and your favorite eccentric magical aunt (or Zia, for those closest to her…psst, “zia” is Italian for “aunt”).

Sam had been an intuitive tarot reader for 9 years, a witch for 18, and "strange and unusual” much longer.
Sam caters to the unfolding spiritual journeys of baby witches, new witches, seasoned vets, & the casual querent alike.

This Zia is committed to:

~Providing a safe space of radical acceptance & non-judgement
~Providing clarity & guidance around your given situation as the energy is in the moment, & how to change it if desired

~Giving you the confidence to sift through information & options to find what resonates most for you

~Your personal growth & transformation

~Encouraging & supporting you in trusting your inner GPS to empowered to make decisions based upon it.

Her mentorship work (& readings, often) revolves around helping people meet and know themselves through divination and transformative shadow work/coaching for personal empowerment & being your most authentic (ie fulfilled) self.

If you wanna just get it all out & explore your options chatting to your eccentric but good old Zia, Sam's readings & mentorship spaces will enlighten & give you the clarity you're looking for (it'll get cackle-y and swear-y, just like old times ??).

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a coffee, & cha…
~Tarot/oracle/charm readings
~Magical/spiritual consultation

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Regular Pricing: $3.49 per minute.

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