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20 yrs exp, former social worker, trusted advisor

Since 2002, Kyndyll has provided professional intuitive counseling to clients across the country via the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot, augmenting her claircognizance with a background in human development, trauma-informed care, social justice, social services, and psychology, as well as more than two decades of practice in tarot, astrology, Reiki, crystals and stones, and practical/chaos magick.

As a tarotist and intuitive counselor, her consultations are tools for accessing what is already known by the subconscious or higher self. Kyndyll helps clients make choices that honor their highest good and continue them on the path of self-development and healing. With a long-standing reputation as a tarot expert in the Nashville area, she is the go-to consultant for fellow psychics, intuitives, counselors, social workers, attorneys, and other helping professionals.

In addition to teaching classes on tarot and the occult, Kyndyll is the author of Beyond As Above, So Below: Understanding Hermetic Tarot Through the Music of Maynard James Keenan (expected late 2022). Kyndyll serves Ecclesia Babalon Ordo Serpentis Negri as a Chorbishop in the grade of Magister Templi, and is an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church and the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center. She has also earned Master's degrees in Social Work and Liberal Arts & Science (dual-focus in Creative Writing and Women's Studies), and spent over a decade as a licensed professional social worker.

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