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Astrology Readings, Psychic & Medical Intuitive

Max is extremely passionate, enthusiastic, and compassionate with his reading style and approach when it comes to working with others. He thoroughly enjoys sharing his psychic gifts of intuition along with well over a decade of studied knowledge within the realms of astrology, psychology, and the metaphysical in general. The primary goal/intention is always aimed at getting to the "root" of things whether that be a specific question/query - OR - just a general reading, etc.

Max uses what we often call a natal chart (aka birth-chart) as a launching pad and/or the "entry point" for all spiritual sessions. Current planetary influences and transits may also be considered depending on the needs, questions, and requests of the individual.

Astrology can provide a deeper understanding of our own unique genetic blueprints, life path, and purpose, as well as various “cycles” in our lives. It can also be a very useful tool for discovering the gifts, skills, and innate talents that we are each born with, while also giving us possible keys for unlocking these abilities. Additionally, an astrological reading can further help identify and uncover any potential traumas, wounds, or emotional blocks that may be holding us back from living our full potential!

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Regular Pricing: $3.49 per minute.

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