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Rebekah Stephens Ext. 99471

Regular Pricing: $3.49 per minute.

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Tarot & Oracle Reader, Mind Blind Meditation Coach

Ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, spiritual seeker, professional with experience in fields involving both the right and left side of the brain, small-business owner, certified life coach, believer in the power of intentional breathing and meditation - these are all descriptors and accomplishments that describe Rebekah.

The most important descriptor, though, is human. Rebekah's specialty is connecting with her clients on a human, emotional, intuitive level and conveying to them the guidance meant for them in that moment and her capacity to deliver those messages with clarity and compassion is her calling.

To do this, Rebekah uses the tools of tarot. Tarot is a powerful language of symbols and hidden meanings that speak to our subconscious in a way words cannot.

During a reading you can look forward to the following:

1) Beginning the reading with a few deep breaths together to prepare the mind, heart, and body.

2) Setting the intention for the reading.

3) Clarifying questions.

4) Laying out the cards.

5) The reading brings together information from the traditional meanings of the cards, Rebekah's intuition, and also draws from the client's subconscious and energy.

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Regular Pricing: $3.49 per minute.

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    Ordained Minister of Universal Life Church

    Certified Life Coach

    Psychology degree

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