One of the cool things about Lusty Voice is that you can purchase minutes in BULK. This is true for new clients or regular clients. You never lose those funds. You can then do your calls however you'd like. Break them up into "quickies". Do a longer call. Our service will charge you the one-time fee of your choice... and then those funds remain in your account until you use them all.

When you sign up Online you can add $100 or more to your account right inside your Dashboard. Add as much as you'd like because you never lose those funds!

If you pay by phone you can still add bulk funds to your account from 9am-9pm Eastern Standard Time by calling our number and Pressing 7 instead of an Agents Extension. This connects you to the Manager who can add funds to your account in a few moments. After that, you simply call back in and select your Lusty Lady!