Occasionally a call doesn't go well for a client. Personality clashes happen, or sometimes you just don't click with a certain Lady. We understand this.

It is VERY rare that we receive a complaint and 99% of the time it is a "misunderstanding" rather than a genuine problem. Our Agents may have misunderstood your fantasy, or communication can break down.

If you have a genuine complaint about the service you have received, we ask that you follow this procedure and policy.

1.) Please contact Rick at directly.

2.) Include as much detail about the complaint as possible. This means that claiming an Agent "sucked" or was "terrible" is simply not specific enough. Please explain what you felt and how you think the call went wrong. You can be honest with us because we are always honest with you.

There are NO REFUNDS ever without details. We decide this on a case-by-case basis. Rick will speak to the Agent personally to hear her side of the story as well. We will try to judge the situation as fairly as possible.

IF and only IF we know for certain that an Agent is completely at fault will a refund be issued.

We will ONLY refund the $10 minimum. This means you can't talk to a lady for 30 minutes and complain the call was bad because as a client... you have the control and ability to hang up the phone.

As a client, you can often tell in under 1 minute if a call is not going to work or if you are not connecting with the right Lady. If you hang up very quickly, we can take your complaint a bit more seriously.

Chronic complaints reflect poorly on you rather than the Agents.

If you wish we can also close your account with us per request via email at You will no longer be able to log in and you will not be able to set up a new account with us in the future. You won't be able to do business with us from any of our websites. If you seek to re-open your account you can again email us to do so. Please understand that we reserve the right to not re-open your account.