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Welcome to! Here are details about using our service.

That billing name can show up as Psychic Readers, Life Coaches, and other assorted professional services like Legal Consulting and even Counseling. It's not just phone sex. So if your partner ever asks about this charge on your bill you can cover your ass by saying you used another type of service.

We are a Company that is Sex Positive. We never judge and feel that fantasy is safe to discuss. Therefore we have no taboos or limits on what the conversation can be about. Obviously, certain ladies have different tastes, but if you examine their pages carefully you will know who to contact. If you are unsure you can always email a lady right here on the website completely anonymously. They will only see your username.

Our billing system is automated. You never have to give your details out to a live person. You maintain control of what you spend. There are no connection charges or additional fees. We accept all major credit cards.

The minimum charge is $10 for 5 minutes. After that, it is $2.00 per minute. You are only billed when you are connected to a lusty lady. And your call is not billed until AFTER the call ends. We bill to the "second" rather than rounding minutes up as many services do. If you extend a call we put a $40 hold on your account until your call ends. But you are ONLY billed for the number of minutes used. This is not a flat fee charge.

If you come up with a Decline on your card - please make sure you look under My Account and My Credit Cards or click HERE. Check Edit to make sure your name and address are filled out properly. This is the most common reason for a Decline when you know you have the funds available.

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