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Lynnea ext. 69

Regular Pricing: $10.00 flat rate for 5 minutes then the cost is $2.00 per minute.

The Soothing Whisky and Honey Voice

If being a phone sex operator requires a specific "state of mind" from the caller's perspective then Lynnea has got it down pat. Lynnea's mood creates a tone for your call whether it is about erotic imagery, passionate roleplay, or just the feeling of sensuality. Her words and emotions bring life to your fantasy. She's a sweetheart with a little urban sensibility mixed into her old-fashioned values. She can be a sensual seductress or a naughty sex kitten depending on her mood and your preference. Lynnea has a sexy voice; she talks seductively and chooses her words with extra care by speaking slowly and with meaningful purpose. She is soothing and melodic. She uses her voice to seduce you. Phone sex with Lynnea is more than an anatomy lesson, it's being taken hostage by a hot little minx whose sensual moods fluctuate in ways that will leave you panting for more.

I mostly do calls by appointment only. You can send me an email here. I am usually able to do a call between 6 pm and 10 pm EST.

Oh, you can check out my recordings too! Click on any of them: Seduction or Handjob or Friends

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Caller Reviews
December 16, 2021

Awesome quickie and allowed me to just listen and she talked. She's not shy and really genuine.

July 23, 2021

Hot babe!!!!!

July 17, 2021

Such an erotic voice and personality. I love a long slow phone fuck. Thanks baby.

June 29, 2021

Best of the best 😍😍

April 8, 2021

Great as always.

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