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Are you a Professional Therapist or Counselor, including in need of a Full Therapist Based Database / System? We have exactly what you need. Visit Us for more information at

Counseling & Therapy Center

A more streamlined practice is in sight

  • Maximize your time with an easy to use scheduling feature and a calendar that keeps you organized.
  • Simplified insurance billing workflows - including batch payments, invoices, and statements - that make getting paid easier than ever.
  • Everything you need to manage your practice's day to day tasks located in one easy to use application.
  • Store unlimited files in TheraNest so all of your client information is one, protected place.

The tools you need

  • A Client Portal that makes new Client Intake and continued communication throughout treatment a breeze.
  • Expand your reach by offering online therapy with Telehealth in TheraNest.
  • Our Wiley Practice Planners integration make it easier than ever to complete robust and detailed notes with only a few clicks
  • Appointment reminders to reduce your no show and cancellation rates and increase your revenue.
  • Affordable and efficient credit card processing in TheraNest to simplify your toolset.

New Appointment Link

Our Client Portal is the gateway to serving your clients. Client records are automatically synced in TheraNester. Every TheraNester account includes one Client Portal account.

  • Clients can fill out, sign and submit Intake Forms online.
  • Design your own therapy Intake Form, use our pre-built templates, or customize our templates to meet your needs.
  • Customize Client Portal invitation emails to meet your client intake needs.
  • Client records and Intake Forms are automatically synced from the Client Portal TheraNester.

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